Consumer Protection
Protecting Consumer rights is our first and foremost goal!
justice Balancing the scale in favour of the consumer where injustice is evident!
That is our goal....and we will not waiver in this effort!
South Africa has become a mecca for illegal activity.
Individuals and companies alike are being driven by greed, only caring for personal gain!
Ethics has become a dirty word as consumer rip-off has become an out of control reality ! Consumers don't know who to turn to when the very entities put in place to protect them fail to do so! Who do your trust? who don't you trust!

We fear not who you are, or what you are! Size and standing do not frighten us!! If you do the crime, we will make the time, to expose you and put an end to your immoral and unprincipled behaviour!
Once we have a target, it will stay in our sights!
Only when we are satisfied and it is 100% proven that the targeted entity is no longer a Consumer threat or doing injustice will we stop!
Time taken to achieve this matters not, patients will prevail! Smoke and Mirrors won't stop us!. We are not bribable and we won't back down....! No matter what the threat or retaliation is towards us in our quest

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We grow by the day, by the hour, by the minute, by the second!

Each one of us proficient in our individual abilities, working collaboratively, making our capabilities far reaching, collectively a powerful force, all with one common goal!

We will prevail using advanced technology:-

  • Electronic forensics
  • Digital Evidence
  • Paper trails
  • Tax Information
  • Informants
  • Lifestyle observations
  • Lifestyle Audits
  • Plain old fashioned questions and answers
  • We are well connected in the right places with the right people

    In this modern world you leave a trail wherever you go, whatever you do, constantly a stream of traceable data is left behind.

  • Once we lock onto a suspected offender, we won't stop until we have achieved our goal.....Justice for the Consumer!

    We are not bribable, We are not corruptible and we fear no one!
    Info Our web site is not a showcase for our successes, it will never become a portal showing what we have achieved! We don't require individual recognition, that is not our common purpose. We are silent in our Methodology, but loud in our purposefulness! Silent success is our reward!

    This web site is here for one reason! So that you know we are out there! A place where a concerned Consumer can provide us information or where an informant can spill the beans...!
    Each complaint received is handled and based on merit, but the outcome always the same!
    We work tirelessly in the background, The dossiers we construct become our weapon and we know where and how to ensure the relevant authorities action what we prove!

    If you have nothing to have nothing to fear!